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  • Katie Smith

Yellowstone National Park Photography

Hey guys! I’m still catching up on sharing some of my photos from our epic road trip this Summer. We left Texas in May and then took a meandering trip across the western half of the USA before ending up in Seattle. You can see more photos here.

One of the super cool places we stopped at along the way was Yellowstone National Park. Let me tell you- if you haven’t been there, you should go! It definitely lives up to it’s reputation of being awesome.

Let’s start this post with Old Faithful: We got up early and watched like the 7am-ish eruption of Old Faithful, so even though it was a Saturday in June, there was hardly a crowd at all! Yay!

I love these pictures. We were driving through the park and saw the most adorable BABY FOXES! Yes – baby foxes. Just stare at these pictures and enjoy.

They were so playful and cute.

There were also a lot of elk, including a baby elk! I love baby animals so much.

The scenery of Yellowstone was just breathtaking, especially considering the rest of Wyoming.

Have you been to Yellowstone National Park, or is it on your bucket list?


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