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  • Katie Smith

Welcome to The Circus Art Journal Zine

Today I have another art journal zine to share, I love doing these! It’s fun to have a miniature art journal done in one theme.

You can find the previous zines I’ve participated in here- Space, Sea, Bold, Vintage, Woodland, Spirit, Girl Boss, Goth, Imagination, Infinite Possibilities, Home, Vanessa, Verona, Abstract, Artist.

This time, the Zine Squad (Julia, Vanessa and I) collaborated with Misty to make a zine for Essie Ruth. We decided to go with a Circus theme. I have a love/hate relationship with circuses. I love some things about them, but I hate clowns.

Anyway, here is the zine.

The lovely cover. I splattered watercolors all over it, and then the title was added by Misty, I think?

My first page above is a sort of collage of techniques. Magazine mage packgrounds, gelli print circles, stenciled medium, and glitter.

One of my other zine squad homies added the cut out of the girl, I think she really finished out the spread.

My second page, on the right.

I bought a pack of animal stamps at a garage sale recently and they just fir so well with the circus theme. I basically wanted to stamp elephants everywhere, but settled for just stamping over my painted background.

My most favorite page! You know I can’t resist painting a galaxy. I had the idea to paint a night sky, with the silhouette of a circus on the horizon. I might have gone a bit wild with the watercolors.

And a group page to finish it off! I doodled on the cute little elephant. I love how this page works so well, even though it just got small bits added with every person.

I stamped a couple more animals on the last page. I had to.. Just look at that hippo.

I love collaborating on art journals like this! I highly encourage you guys to go visit their blogs and see the rest of the zine, because the rest of the pages are amazing!

  1. Julia

  2. Misty

  1. Vanessa

  2. Essie

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