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  • Katie Smith

Unboxing Tombow’s September V.I.P. Box

@studiokatie sketching with @tombowusa's brand new Fudenosuke Colors

This post contains affiliate links, which help pay for this site. That being said, I never promote anything I don’t love! If you purchase  using them, I might get a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Hey guys, Today I am unboxing Tombow’s September 2018 VIP Club box! and it has a really cool new product in it!

If you want the September box, they have limited quantities available and once they’re sold out they’re gone. so get it now.

Alright, let’s get to it:

What I love about Tombow’s VIP (Very Inspirational Products) box is that you can see what you’re buying before purchasing it (I’m not a huge fan of surprises. lol).

@studiokatie unboxes @TombowUSA's September 2018 V.I.P. Club Box! #tombow #unboxing #handlettering

Included in the September box:

  1. New Product: Fudenosuke Colors, 10pk.

The fudenosuke -my favorite brush pen- Now comes in colors! I’m so excited to finally have these, These markers have a hard brush tip, making them perfect for learning hand lettering, and they come in 10 different colors.

@studiokatie unboxes @TombowUSA's September 2018 V.I.P. Club Box! #tombow #unboxing #handlettering
  1. New Product, Exclusive Item: Dot Grid Journal:

I think this is really cool: a journal! Tombow included a hard cover art journal in this box, and one can never have too many journals in my opinion! It has 160 pages of 90g bright white paper, with a light dot grid on the paper and a foil stamped cover. I love the thick papers, So far in my testing nothing has bled through!

@studiokatie unboxes @TombowUSA's September 2018 V.I.P. Club Box! #tombow #unboxing #handlettering
  1. MONO Drawing Pens, Sizes 01, 03, 05:

These are not new product, however they are really fantastic pens. I love the multiple sizes and they write so smoothly.  I use them in my sketchbook all the time.

You can read my review of the MONO Drawing Pens here.

@studiokatie unboxes @TombowUSA's September 2018 V.I.P. Club Box! #tombow #unboxing #handlettering

This VIP box is a $54.65 value.

Currently these products are only available in this VIP box, but I’ll update this posts with links to the individual items when/if they’re sold separately. 

You can purchase the September 2018 VIP Box here for $30 + Free Shipping here.

For future VIP Boxes, you can sign up to get notified as soon as they’re available, on the Tombow VIP Club email list here.

@studiokatie unboxes @TombowUSA's September 2018 V.I.P. Club Box! #tombow #unboxing #handlettering

Want more Tombow tutorials? Check out my online class, Tombow Techniques!  or check out my Tombow archives here on the blog.

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