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  • Katie Smith

Unboxing Tombow’s July 2018 VIP Box

This post contains affiliate links, which help pay for this site. That being said, I never promote anything I don’t love! If you purchase  using them, I might get a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Hey guys, Today I am unboxing Tombow’s July VIP Club box! and it is AMAZING AND HAS A HUGE VALUE.

If you want the July box, they have limited quantities available and once they’re sold out they’re gone. so get it now.

Okay, let’s open up the box:

Unboxing Tombow USA's July 2018 VIP Box - @studiokatie blog

What I love about Tombow’s VIP (Very Inspirational Products) box is that you can see what you’re buying before purchasing it (I’m not a huge fan of surprises. lol).

Included in the July box:

  1. The Desktop & Carry Marker Case

This case is a great improvement on their previous marker stand. The new case holds up to 108 Dual Brush Pens and other writing instruments. (So you can also store a handful of your go-to pencils or Fudenosukes in it as well.  The accordion style design allows you lots of versatility when deciding how to display it on your desk, and the snap on lid is perfect for when you’re on-the-go.

  1. The Custom Dual Brush Pen 10-pack

This 10-pack includes colors from the 96-set of Dual Brush Pens, so these are not new colors, this is just a new assortment. So if you already have the 96 pack, you may not NEED this extra set, but it’s a fun bonus for sure! It’s a gorgeous set! It includes some of Tombow’s most popular colors, it does not include a Colorless Blender Pen though.

  1. The new XL Blending Palette

A blending palette sized at 8×10″? Yes please! This is great for a larger surface area for blending. The back includes a color chart and blending tips.

This VIP box is a $61.97 value.

That’s incredible, y’all. I got this box as a part of the Tombow design team, but if I hadn’t, I would be buying this for sure.

Unboxing Tombow USA's July 2018 VIP Box - @studiokatie blog

I’m excited about both the Limited Edition Dual Brush Pen 10-pack and the XL Blending Palette, but I’m extra in love with the new marker case. I got a sneak peak of it back in January and have been waiting for it since then!! It has an accordion design, so it will fold out on to your desk, or you can fold it up and snap the lid on to take it on the go.

Unboxing Tombow USA's July 2018 VIP Box - @studiokatie blog
Unboxing Tombow USA's July 2018 VIP Box - @studiokatie blog

Right now I’m using it to hold my 96 Dual Brush Pen set, and then using the extra 12 slots to hold my MONO Edge Highlighters, MONO Drawing Pens, Fudenosukes and MONO Twin Permanent Marker.

Unboxing Tombow USA's July 2018 VIP Box - @studiokatie blog
Unboxing Tombow USA's July 2018 VIP Box - @studiokatie blog

Currently these products are only available in this VIP box.

You can purchase the July 2018 VIP Box here for $30 + Free Shipping here.

To get notified of the VIP boxes as soon as they’re available, people can sign up for the Tombow VIP Club email list here.

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