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  • Katie Smith

Tombow April VIP Club Unboxing + NEW Tombow MONO Edge Highlighters!

This post contains affiliate links.  which help pay for this site. That being said, I never promote anything I don’t love! If you purchase  using them, I might get a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Hey guys, Today I am unboxing Tombow’s April VIP Club box! If you want the April box, they have limited quantities available and once they’re sold out they’re gone. so get it now.

Tombow has recently made some changes to their VIP (Very Inspirational Products) box, the main things being: It is no longer a subscription box, and you can see what is included before purchasing! Which I kind of like.

Now, let me show you what is in this months box!

  1. Fudenosuke 3-Pack Calligraphy Markers

The fudenosukes are my absolute favorite for brush lettering, and the 3-pack is nice because you get to try all of them out.

  1. Irojiten Colored Pencils, Tranquil Set

Irojitens are Tombow’s artist quality pencils, and the tranquil set is really lovely, especially for spring. They have a really nice, dense led that doesn’t break easily.

  1. MONO Edge Dual-Tip Highlighters (These are a NEW release!)

These are a brand new product from Tombow USA, just releasing today in fact. They’re dual-tip highlights, featuring a chisel tip on one end and an extra fine bullet tip on the other.

  1. OLNO Swift Mechanical Pencil

This mechanical pencil has a really unique feature- IT allows you to extend more pencil lead out by bending the body of the pencil, or doing it the traditional way by clicking the eraser. My favorite thing? It doesn’t squeak. I always hated mechanical pencils when I was in school because they squeaked whenever I wrote and I couldn’t stand it. This one doesn’t, and I love it.

  1. Tombow Pencil Pouch

How adorable is this Tombow pencil pouch? It even fits the long Dual Brush Pens!

As I mentioned above, the MONO Edge Highlighters are brand new and are currently exclusively available in this VIP box. I was really excited to get my hands on them, so I immediately used them to sketch out a fun portrait in my art journal. It’s very bright, but I love it.

Have you ever drawn with highlighters? I want to see! Leave me a comment!

One last thing- This box is priced at $30, but includes $60 worth of product. Awesome! You can learn more and purchase the box here.

You can also sign up to the list to know when the next box is available.

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