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  • Katie Smith

The Pink Color Chaos Art Journal

Hey guys, Today I am sharing an update on the group art journal project I am a part of – The Color Chaos Journals! They’re all completed now! We started them in January so it’s been a really fun year long project.

6 of my art journal friends and I decided to do sort of an art journal round robin, we each start a journal and send it to each other, letting the others create pages in their journals.

The twist? Each journal is a different color! Fun! I’ve already shared all of the pages I’ve completed in each journal, you can see those here: Pink, Red, Gold, Blue, Lilac, White, Black.

Today I wanted to showcase a few of my favorite pages from my finished pink journal! The entire journal is amazing and it was hard to pick favorites, but at the same time I didn’t want to bombard you with a million photos in one post.

So I chose a few to share here, and I posted a complete flip through on instagram, here.

I made by journal using my bind-it-all binding machine with some gelli print pages inside, and also included a few fun group pages.

I love collaborating on journals like this. Each of us have our own separate styles and they’re all amazing in their own ways. I love how everyone used different shades of pink and themes and ideas.

If you have a couple of minutes, be sure to stop by the rest of the Color Chaos Gang’s blogs to see they’re colorful journals!

  1. Julia

  2. Vanessa

  3. Patricia

  4. Sharon

  5. Karen

  6. Lauren

  7. Me! 😉

#artjournal #getmessy

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