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  • Katie Smith

The NOSO Journal – A Review

Hey everyone, I have a really interesting new journal to tell y’all about today! The NOSO Journal.

Wait, what is that? It’s a brand new journal created by Jannetje and Marie-Anne van Leeuwen. This journal is still in production mode and their kickstarter is launching today.

First, here’s a bit about it:

Sisters and mums, Jannetje and Marie-Anne van Leeuwen passionately believe that today’s teens need a private, offline world to complement their social media lives and enable them to grow into their best selves. Over the past year they devoted hundreds of hours to develop the NOSO Journal (Not On SOcial media) which they explain as “the perfect gift for your favourite teen to explore anything in an offline space”, and a place “where magic happens”.

Jan says, “The NOSO Journal is an offline, private space to explore, create and think. Today’s teens are constantly plugged in but this connectivity comes at a price in terms of focus and personal development in a world where they are often under huge stress. Being avid journalers ourselves, Marie-Anne and I are passionate about the super powers of journaling, with all its benefits for personal wellbeing and development. Simply putting a pen to paper increases brain activity. Most parents we know with teenagers are concerned about how public their lives are and they would love them to press the ‘pause’ button. Marie-Anne and I wanted a meaningful gift we could give our own children which would help them grow.”

10% of future profits will go to a different teen mental health organisation each year and the 2018 nominated charity is Teenline.

Because this journal is still in production mode, I haven’t gotten a pysical hard copy of the journal to look at, however I have seen a digital version of the journal and let me tell you, it looks fantastic!

There are pages of prompts to work with if you need inspiration as well as a ton of different blank journal pages for you to add to and create.

I printed out copies of the prompts and a few of the grid pages, which I used the really cool globe page in my art journal below:

(note, this is not the NOSO journal above, just one of my journals and using the NOSO grid and prompts.)

I will probably update this review after I get a real copy of the journal however for right now, I can tell you that I think this journal is going to be perfect. Not only for teens (it’s intended audience) but also for anyone who is obsessed with journals and papers like me. 🙂

You can learn more and support the kickstarter here.

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