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  • Katie Smith

The Lilac Color Chaos Journal

Today I’m sharing an update on the group art journal project I am a part of – The Color Chaos Journals!

6 of my art journal friends and I decided to do sort of an art journal round robin, we each start a journal and send it to each other, letting the others create pages in their journals.

The twist? Each journal is a different color! Fun! See the previous journals I’ve worked in here- Pink, Red, Gold, Blue. This past month I have been working in the Lilac Journal and it’s so lovely.

I think purple is super pretty but I don’t use it in my work very often because I have trouble working with it. Weird, I know, but it’s one of the colors that challenges me.

I had to suck it up and use it for this journal though, since it is Lilac themed! 🙂

The background for this page is a gelli print I did. They make the best backgrounds! After I glued the print and some tissue paper down, I stamped some “X’s”, and I painted/drew the girl on top.

For this next page I did an ombre circle using gelatos on top of gesso. The blend so well.

I’m not sure who added the unicorn image, but I had fun adding the sunburst coming out of the horn.

I’ve made it my goal to do a space page in all of the Color Chaos journals. This time I painted a purple galaxy.

I copied this lovely lilac haired lady out my sketchbook. I colored her a few days ago with pink hair, so I scanned in a copy & photoshopped it to be more lilac toned.

A Purple tinted picture of Venus. Because, why not?

This Instax picture ended up being a fail, but it made for a lovely art journal page!

I love doodling, if you didn’t already know it. For this page I grabbed a purple Sharpie and just went a bit crazy. The page on the left is a combination of washi tape and acrylic paints. Are you jealous of my hedgehog washi tape?

So there we have it! This was such a fun journal, but I can definitely say I’m ready to put down the purple paint for a little while.

What colors do you find challenging?

If you have a couple of minutes, be sure to stop by the rest of the Color Chaos Gang’s blog to see they’re colorful journals!

  1. Julia

  2. Vanessa

  3. Patricia

  4. Sharon

  5. Karen

  6. Lauren

  7. Me! 😉

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