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The HOME Art Journal Zine

Today I have another art journal zine to share, I love doing these! It’s fun to have a miniature art journal done in one theme. This one is “HOME” themed!

You can find the previous zines I’ve participated in here- Space, Sea, Bold, Vintage, Woodland, Spirit, Girl Boss,Goth, Imagination, Infinite Possibilities.

The “Zine Squad” consists of 3 main members, Myself, Vanessa and Julia, and then we usually ask another art journaler or two to join us on gifting a zine to someone.

This time around we asked Jennifer (she’s so talented!) to join us in making a zine for Nina.

I made the zine base. I used a pale blue scrapbook paper for the cover, I liked the color and it just felt very “home” like to me. Jennifer and Vanessa added to it to finish the cover!

When I was putting the mixed media papers for the zine together, I also decided to just throw a few gelli prints in as well.

I used a house stamp by American Crafts on the inside covers and did sort of a dictionary page for the first page.

This is obviously my favorite page. Living somewhere with a view of the stars is the best thing in my opinion.

Left page is by either Vanessa or Julia. I’m kind of thinking both… On the right page I journaled on top of a gelli print and added on a stamped house.

I found that I actually have like 3 different house stamps in my stash, so this zine was the perfect chance to use them again.

Left page by Jennifer, Right page by me. I didn’t do much to this page, I just painted a little bit on top of the gelli print.

And my last page- More gelli prints! I used a gold paint pen through a letter stencil for the letters and just did a quick doodle of the girl.

I love collaborating on art journals like this! I highly encourage you guys to go visit their blogs and see the rest of the zine, because the rest of the pages are amazing!

  1. Julia

  2. Jennifer

  3. Vanessa

Where is home for you? I really want to know- Where do you live?

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