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  • Katie Smith

The Blue Color Chaos Journal

Today I’m sharing an update on the group art journal project I am a part of -The Color Chaos Journals!

6 of my art journal friends and I decided to do sort of an art journal round robin, we each start a journal and send it to each other, letting the others create pages in their journals.

The twist? Each journal is a different color! Fun! See the previous journals I’ve worked in here- Pink, Red, Gold. This past month I have been working in the Blue Journal.

My first and favorite page. You should basically expect to see atleast one galaxy/space page in every journal I do.

I used watercolors to make the blue galaxy and magazine pages for the bottom half. I used Mono Correction Tape by Tombow for the quote- I just rolled it on and then wrote on top of it. It’s an easy way to get white labels.

On this next page I went with a sea theme. Blue definitely makes me think of the ocean.

The turtle was actually a coloring page I had been doing and thought it would be fun to cut out and include on the page.

Another space page! This one isn’t super space-y, though it does have gelli printed moons.

I tore this quote (I love it!) out of a doodle book a while back and having been saving it to use in just the right project, which I finally found.

Those are all of my complete pages! I also added my own touch to a few of the existing pages in the journal, but I didn’t take photos of all of those. 😉

If you have a couple of minutes, be sure to stop by the rest of the Color Chaos Gang’s blog to see they’re colorful journals!

  1. Julia

  2. Vanessa

  3. Patricia

  4. Sharon

  5. Karen

  6. Lauren

  7. Me! 😉

Do you use blue in your art a lot? I love using light blue in my scrapbooking, but for some reason I found this journal to be a challenge!

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