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The Black Color Chaos Art Journal

Today I’m sharing an update on the group art journal project I am a part of – The Color Chaos Journals!

6 of my art journal friends and I decided to do sort of an art journal round robin, we each start a journal and send it to each other, letting the others create pages in their journals.

The twist? Each journal is a different color! Fun! See the previous journals I’ve worked in here- Pink, Red, Gold, Blue, Lilac, White. This past month I have been working in the Julia’s Black Journal.

This is actually the last journal in the Color Chaos collab! I’ve worked my way through all of the others and now we’re all sending them back home to their owners! I’ll be getting my pink journal soon so I will definitely have to share the finished journal.

In the meantime, Here’s black:

The white journal was pretty challenging because I love using lots of color in my art, so I assumed that black would be just as hard. Some of the pages were tough, but not as tough as I was expecting. Overall these pages came together on their own.

As I was the last one working in this journal, I got to fill in all of the empty pages! Being last was quite fun.

The first page in the journal was still empty, so I added in the moon phases card, and on the opposite page I added in this lovely lady from my sketchbook, chopped off the top of her head and added a few thoughts.

The magazine image was already on the next page, I just added all of the crazy black stickers.

I did the right page below, a bit of drawing + watercolors on gesso.

Since the right page below already said “take me to your leader”, how could I not add a space-y page of my own next to it?

I know Julia loves tea (maybe as much as I do), so I added in this teacup page on the left.

I cut this earth clipart out of a vintage space book, and glued it into the journal. Then I decided to add a bit of color. I couldn’t help myself, I love color.

A special page just for Jules, with random scraps.

As the page on the right already mentioned Summer, I decided to go with that theme for my page on the left. So I doodled the diver and added a photo of a galaxy for her to dive into.

And you know I had to have a watercolor galaxy in this journal, so here it is!

It is hard to tell in the photo, but the moon is foiled, so it’s shiny.

I managed to work a little bit of color into this black journal, without going crazy with it, I think. 🙂

If you have a couple of minutes, be sure to stop by the rest of the Color Chaos Gang’s blog to see they’re colorful journals!

  1. Julia

  2. Vanessa

  3. Patricia

  4. Sharon

  5. Karen

  6. Lauren

  7. Me! 😉

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