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  • Katie Smith

Talking about Collaboration: How She Creates Podcast

Okay you guys,I have something exciting and slightly nerve-wracking to share: I’m on a podcast!

Not just me though, My fellow Zine Squad members Julia and Vanessa as well.

Caylee, host of the How She Creates podcast, interviews us and we are talking about collaboration and how we create art journal zines together, even though we’re all on different sides of the world.

A bit more about How She Creates:

How She Creates takes you behind the scenes with all your favorite artists to learn how they create. We discuss creativity, tips, tools, inspiration, and life as an artist. We hope you leave these conversations inspired to make more stuff and share it with the world. How She Creates is run by Caylee Grey and Lauren Hooper.

I was definitely nervous as we were recording the podcast, and I hate talking on the phone/video, so I honestly don’t even say all of that much. 🙂 I speak through my art, you know?

As a gift to listeners, We also created a set of downloadable collage sheets that you can print out, chop up, collage, paint over, etc! You can download the freebies from the show page itself, here.

I printed out a couple of the collage sheets myself and created the page below with them.

We started the zine squad the Summer of 2015, so we’ve been collabortaing on pages for more than a year now! Wow. I live in the USA, Julia lives in the UK, and Vanessa (from Canada) now lives in China, so our zines really travel the globe.

You can visit the How She Creates website here, and can listen on iTunes, Stitcher, the website, or whatever your favorite podcast app is.

I had never listened to podcasts before finding How She Creates, and I’ve actually listened to all of their episodes. I love getting to know the artists.

Have you ever collaborated with another artist(s)?

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