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Sketching Faces Online Class

I am an affiliate for Get Messy  Art Journal. This post includes some affiliate links. If you purchase  using them, I might get a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Hey everyone! I’m so thrilled to be able to announce the launch of my newest online class for Get Messy Art Journal today: Sketching Faces!

I’m always getting told I should teach how to draw my signature style of faces, so I’ve been working on this course for the past few months and it’s finally out!  Here’s the official class information:

Sketching Faces is an online, video based course that will teach you how to sketch and paint girls faces, taught by illustrator Katie Smith.

The ability to draw life like faces will help take your artwork to a new a level allowing you to dive into the world of portraiture. Experienced illustrator, Katie Smith, will teach you her very simple method for drawing beautiful faces no matter your skill level. This course starts at the very beginning and will walk you through, step by step, in clear easy to follow videos helping you learn to draw a variety of facial features, different profile views, experiment with different hairstyles, and you will learn Katie’s secrets to coloring in your sketched faces with watercolor paint.

The course includes multiple printable templates to help you practice and grow your skills and step by step guides, video tutorials and ideas and challenges to help you use your new artwork into other art forms you love. Join today if you want to take your drawing skills to the next level and begin sketching lifelike faces in your art.

There is also a free lesson! In the free lesson I include 4 face templates that you can print out and use. Get the free lesson hereYou have access to this even if you don’t sign up for the full class.

Sign up for Sketching Faces here.

I love working with Get Messy Art Journal. They’re a fantastic group of ladies and I’m honored to teach classes with them.  You can find my first class Painting Galaxies here.

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