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  • Katie Smith

Signs you might be a blogger:

You compose photos thinking about how good the lighting is and how they’ll look on your blog.

You stalk the Instagrams of your “blogspirations”. Those bloggers whom you love and want to be friends with.

You know the names of those “blogspirations” dogs, family, etc. Basically you stalk them.

You spend hours typing up posts.

You can be found at the local hipster coffee, with your laptop & your skinny Caramel cappuccino with soy milk.

You can be found reading books titled something along the lines of “BLOG DIY” “How to write great blog content”.

When you’re doing something, you think about the details and how you would write about it in a blog post.

You know that you’ll be going out of town, so you start thinking about who you might be able to get to guest blog for you.

You want to redesign your blog.

Even if you just redesigned it a month ago.

You use hashtags to find other bloggers like yourself.

And hoping that you might get new friends/fans that found you via that hashtag.

You are stuck at the airport, so you use up the data and battery on your phone reading blogs.

Or searching pinterest for “ways to grow your blog” and other blog tips.

Or typing up blog post ideas.

You bought your own URL becasue you were tired of saying “dot blogspot dot com”.

You brainstorm blog posts more than you think about what you are cooking for dinner.

You type up list posts like this. — -I based these off of what I do-

Do any of these describe you?


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