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  • Katie Smith

Review: Craftwell Ebrush

This week my posts are all about using Craftwell’s Ebrush machine. I received one because Craftwell and Hazel and Ruby are doing a blog swap this week and besides just sharing my projects I also wanted to give it a review and let you guys know what I think about this machine!

First- What is it?

“Turn markers into spray art with the new eBrush by Craftwell. The eBrush is universally compatible with many brands of markers! Simply insert a marker into the appropriate adapter to create stunning art fast & easy!

Fully automatic, the eBrush provides steady-flow and professional quality results, in a sleek portable design. Simply insert the desired marker in the brand-specific adapter and turn on the eBrush to get started. Three air pressure options provide freedom to adjust airflow to project needs. The eBrush works on a variety of material surfaces such as paper, fabric, wood, and more!”

So far, I’ve used it in my art journal a few times, I’ve done a canvas, used it on fabric to make a quilt top, used it in my sketch book, sprayed through stencils and over masks and have just been having a fantastic time with it!

– I have a huge marker stash, I love markers. So what I love about this machine best is that it does use markers as the ink so I can use my stash instead of having to buy a bunch of inks.

  1. It comes with adapters available for popular markers by: Copic, Chartpak AD, Prismacolor, Sharpie Fine, Spectrum Noir & Tombow

I wish it had an adapter available for the Copic Ciaos, not just the sketch shape.

– Depending on the marker brand & how much you have used that marker, the air brushing effects will vary. I recommend testing the marker on a piece scrap paper first.

– I’ve used Copics, Spectrum Noir, AD, Sharpie, and Prismacolor markers with it and the ones that have worked best for me have been the higher quality markers, Like copics and spectrum noir. The (nice and inexpensive) Sharpies do work, but there isn’t as much color coming out at once.

– I’ve found that the colors of the airbrushing are a bit more vibrant when sprayed over gesso’d paper, although they are good on plain paper too. The 2 pages pictured below were over gesso.

– I was really quite happy with how little over spray there was, considering you’re blowing out ink. There is a little but not much..

I made the canvas below by air brushing a piece of muslin fabric before quilting it. (In case you’re wondering, I was inspired by the Carina Nebula)

Overall, I *love* the Ebursh. It has become one of my favorite new machines. They retail for about $150 and if you’re interested you can find out more on the Craftwell site here.

Have you ever done any air brushing? Have you heard of the Ebrush?


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