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Product Review: Totally Tiffany Big Canvas Sticker Binder

I was recently going through my sticker stash and realized that it really needed some decluttering and organizing. So when it was time to choose a new Totally Tiffany product to review as a part of their Blogger Troop I knew I wanted something to help with my stickers.

After chatting with the folks at Totally Tiffany a bit, I decided to go with the Canvas Sticker Binder.

They also sent me to this video, where Tiffany shows a few different options for organizing stickers & gives some really good tips!

According to FTC regulations, I must disclose to you that I did receive free product in exchange for this post, however all opinions are my own. 🙂

First let me tell you a little bit about this product (blurb taken from the Totally Tiffany website):

Do you have a lot of stickers?  Have you been looking for the best way to keep them organized?  This Big Canvas Sticker Travel Binder could be the solution you’re looking for.

We’ve put together a Craft Binder, and loaded it with the storage pages that are best for your sticker collection.  Organize by theme, type, or color, and you’ll be able to find exactly what you need in seconds.  No more digging and searching!  When it’s time to head to a crop, a class, or your work table, the Craft Binder is ready to travel.  In addition to your organized stickers, there’s a place for tools, paper, a trimmer, pens – all the supplies you need in one zip-it-up-and-go tote!”

What you get:

  1. Craft Binder – choose your color (includes 1 spinder, 1 shoulder strap, and sample pack of storage pages)

  2. 10 Perfect Six pages (4″ x 6″ pockets)

  3. 10 Vertical Double pages (6″ x 12″ pockets)

  4. 10 Fantastic Five pages (5″ x 7″ pockets)

This Big Canvas Sticker Binder comes with 1 spinder (3-ring binder section), but it can hold up to 2- 3. 

In the past I’ve stored my stickers in a large flat wicker basket. It certainly works & keeps them all together. I can flip through them, but it’s also a bit hard to find specific stickers if I’m looking for them.

This week I pulled them all out of the wicker basket, and organized them into themes, for example: Travel stickers, planner stickers, stickers from Stickii Club, etc.

In my package I received a variety Totally Tiffany storage pages, which is good, depending on what type of stickers you have, you may want different pocket sizes! My favorites are the Vertical Double storage pockets.

I also received 5 tabbed dividers! I haven’t labeled them yet, as I want to make sure I like the categories I’ve organized my stickers into first, but I’ll be making some labels for them soon.

The left side of the binder also features storage pockets & elastic for tools & markers. I have a art retreat coming up this Autumn & I love that I could take this binder with me & have it hold so much.

So far I’m really liking this binder!! The canvas material feels really sturdy and I imagine it’s going to hold up really well.

To learn more about Totally-Tiffany and to get more tips on organizing your craft supplies, make sure you follow them on facebook.

You can find the Big Canvas Sticker Binder available for purchase here.

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(This post is sponsored by Totally Tiffany, however all opinions are my own.)

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