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  • Katie Smith

Paint + Paper- Tweed Dino Art

Hey everyone, Happy Wednesday! Today’s Paint + Paper post is all about the paint.

I painted a series of canvases featuring Velociraptors on bicycles.

Here’s the story behind these: My Parents and I did the Fort Worth Tweed Ride last month and I wanted something cool to wear that wasn’t normal “tweed” but still fit the theme. I saw this Velociraptor on pinterest and decided I needed to design a tweed dinosaur.

So I drew up my own version and painted him on to a sweater vest and wore it to the tweed ride (where I looked super awesome).

One of the coordinators of the ride saw my sweater and asked me if I could do some art for his daughters room, so I said yes. And that is why I have been painting velociraptors. Haha.

So for the art, I’ve got a velociraptor on a Pennyfarthing style bike (the big wheel/little wheel bike), a unicycle and a couple on a tandem.

Do you ever have fun stories about your art? Like what inspired the idea?


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