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  • Katie Smith

My #The100DayProject

I’m writing this post to announce that I’m joining in on the 100 day project. If you haven’t heard of it, #The100DayProject is a movement started by @elleluna, you can learn more about the project here. It’s pretty simple though, you decide on a theme and just create for 100 days, starting today, April 3rd. (Although you can certainly start whenever you want!)

Okay, so I debated whether or not I even wanted to join in on this challenge. As a full time artist, I create everyday anyhow and I’m going to be out of town twice during the 100 days for a total of three weeks traveling, so I really wasn’t sure. But I love daily challenges, so I am joining in.

Another struggle I had was deciding what I wanted my 100 day project to be. I was *this* close to doing 100 days of lists. Like, it was my plan up until today, day 1, and I’ve changed my mind. Ha. So, my project is:

100 days of postcard paintings.

I’m going to make 1 4×6 postcard sized painting every day. It can be any medium and theme, I just want to experiment. I’ll be sharing them on instagram via the hashtag #katiepaintspostcards

Why am I choosing that over lists? I l-o-v-e listing. It’s my favorite way to journal. But I wanted to use the 100 day project to grow as an artist, and I just didn’t see the lists as a way to do that. With the paintings I can experiment with new techniques and practice my painting skills.

That being said, I will probably still do more lists. I love the 30 days of lists challenge and I don’t want to wait until the next round to start listing again. So I’ll be doing lists too. Just not as a daily challenge.

Are you doing the 100 day project? Tell me about your challenge!

#painting #the100dayproject

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