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  • Katie Smith

My Experiments with Oil Painting

Hey guys, so today I wanted to talk about my experience with oil paints!

In the past I’ve always thought oil paints looked really neat, but I was always to scared to try them out even though I wanted to try them. I didn’t know much about them, other than they’re what fancy artists used, and they took a lot of work to clean up (at least in my mind) so they were very intimidating.

But then I got a set for Christmas, so I decided to give them a go. If I mess up, no big deal, right?

So in the past 4 months I’ve been using them. I checked out a bunch of books on oils from the library, and have watched a few youtube videos (and I have always loved watching Bob Ross, so there’s that.), so those have been my teachers.

I started with a few experiments on canvas paper, to get the “feel” of oils. And boy do they feel so much different than acrylics and watercolors. They don’t dry immediately, so you actually have time to blend them, and they’re so buttery and smooth.

My first real painting with them, even though it was still on canvas paper, was this galaxy. Which I am thrilled to say sold. It was hard to believe my first ever oil painting sold right away. (Thank you SO much Julia!)

Since then, I’ve just been continuing to experiment and practice. I know the only way I’ll get better and learn is to practice, so that’s what my goal for the year is.

I’ve been slowly falling in love with oils. They’re so different than watercolors, which have been my favorite medium for quite a while. So it’s hard to choose between them.

My favorite finished oil painting so far, has probably been Forest Sanctuary (seen below). I love how she turned out.

Okay, so have you used oil paints before? Any tips or tricks you’d care to share with me and anyone else who reads this?

Thanks for reading! xo, -Katie

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