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“My Cup of Tea” Tea Bag Pouch Tutorial

I like to take my own tea with me whenever we go camping or just whenever we travel. I used to have an awesome tea wallet that my sister made me, but I seem to have misplaced it. After storing my tea in a boring ziplock at our last campout I decided I needed to make myself another tea holder.

I was originally thinking just another tea wallet with slots to put tea bags in, but then I decided that a little pouch would do, and how much cuter could it get then a tea cup shaped pouch?!

1. Cut out 2 6″x7″ rectangles of fabric. Stack them on top of each other and trim off the 2 bottom corners about 1″.

2. Decorate the front piece of the teacup however you wish. I cut out and appliqued on a heart with the word “TEA” and also a little tea bag tag and stitched the little string attaching it.

3. Now the fun part- the zipper! Place your zipper face down onto the front piece of your teacup so that they’re right sides together. Pin and stitch down the edge.

4. Repeat with the back- Place the opposite side of the zipper face down onto the top edge of the back teacup piece so that they’re right sides together. Pin and stitch down the edge. Open up and iron flat.

4. In contrasting color fabric, Cut a 2″x8″ strip. Fold your strip in half width wise and stitch down the long side so you end up with a tube. Flip the tube right side out. Iron the tube flat and fold the 2 ends down to make a handle. Stitch around the edges to secure the ends and make sure they stay folded.

5. Place your handle face down onto the front part of your teacup with the edges just barely hanging of the side edge of your teacup.

6. Fold down the bottom half of the teacup over the handle so that it’s face down on top of the front side of the teacup with the handle sandwiched in between. Pin.

7. With the zipper halfway open, Sew around the 2 sides and bottom, removing the pins as you go.

8. Flip right side out through the zipper opening, iron flat.

9. Fill with tea bags and hit the road!

What’s your favorite flavor of tea? My favorite is plain old black decaf tea, but others I love are mint, (what’s in my teacup above) and orange spice.

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