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My Card Making Preparations

Today’s post is for my fellow paper crafters!

I always like to have a stash of handmade cards, so that whenever I need a thank you or hello card I can just grab one and put it in the mail.

However with the new year approaching I decided I needed to update my card stash and restock it. I’m nearly out of hello cards (I use those most) and some of my older cards I don’t really love.

Time to make new cards!

I like to make a supply of card bases, so that whenever I am in the mood to make a card I have a card base already at the right size (3.5″x5.5″) that I can just grab and then embellish.

Sometimes they’re out of patterned paper, but this time around I decided to stock up on solid cardstock card bases. So I grabbed paper in every color of the rainbow and cut/folded them into cards.

The cardstock is colored on both sides, so to make it easier for writing on the inside, I usually add some white paper. 3×5″ blank index cards work perfect for this!

So, that’s how I prep my cards, how do you do it?

This time around I didn’t use any patterned papers and created some fun stamped cards instead.

Also, I have found the easiest way to make glitter dots ever! Tombow makes a product called Adhesive Dots, which are double sided permanent adhesive dots. I’ve found that you can use them as embellishments as well as adhesive. Just stick them on your page, remove the liner and sprinkle glitter over top!

The dots already come in bright colors, so I actually just sprinkled clear/white glitter over them.

Do you make your cards ahead of time and have a stash like me? Or do you make them on an as-needed basis?

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