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  • Katie Smith

Music I listen to while Crafting

One thing I love to do while I’m crafting (Besides drink tea. That’s a must.) is to listen to music. My mom always had music going in the house when Taylor and I were growing up- usually 80’s, or classical when we were doing our homework. I still love listening to classical music- it helps me think.

I have a variety of music I listen to now, but “today’s hits” has never really been my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I do have a few favorite popular songs, Such as “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, but for the most part I prefer other genres of music.

Here are my favorite crafting jams:

  1. For Crafting: Film Scores, Owl City, or Celtic/Scottish Rock (I love Tartanic’s music.).

  2. For Art journaling: Owl City or Toby Mac.

  3. For Cleaning my Studio: 80’s, or Disney songs! Especially The Lion King, and Tangled.

  4. For Blogging: Classical, I especially love Lindsey Stirling, 2 Cellos, and The Piano Guys.

I have a very odd taste of music, right? I listen to them all via Pandora, so it does throw in new songs every now and then. I’d love to know what you listen to when crafting?


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