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  • Katie Smith

Maple Valley Art Walk

Hey friends! So this post is just a bit of an update about something exciting with the more fine art related portion of my work.

Back in September last year I submitted my art to an art walk and got in! This was my first ever “art show”, so it was really neat. The Maple Valley Art Walk happens every 2 months, so my art was at the Vintage Vino in November, and here at The Nutty Squirrel for the next 2 months.

This month though was extra exciting because I submitted a few more pieces and have the whole of The Nutty Squirrel Gelato featuring just my oil paintings!

As an emerging artist, I’m pretty proud of this! I’m excited to see how my art will continue to grow in 2019. I’ve really enjoyed working more with oil paints lately!

You can see all of my paintings in my gallery here.

#artshow #artist #oilpainting

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