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  • Katie Smith

Malala Fund Art Journal Magazine

Hey guys, I have something fun to share. Some of us at Get Messy Art Journal (an art journaling community I’m in) likes to create “charity magazines” full of art on certain theme where all of the proceeds go to a certain fund.

Today we released our third magazine, This time all of the profits from this magazine go to the Malala fund for girls education. <3

Details: – A copy is $23 each plus shipping – There are 15 contributing artists (including yours truly) – all profits go to the Malala Fund – if you order before Sept 22 2016, they can use the code VIP20 to get 20% off the cover price – there is a preview in the listing, so you can check out a few pages before purchasing

It is a collaborative art journal magazine compiled by the members of the Get Messy Art Journal community. This magazine is not for profit, but is a charity project to raise funds for efforts to provide educations to girls all across the globe. All profits from this magazine are donated to The Malala Fund, to provide resources and funding to ensure girls received 12 years of quality education around the world.

All profits from it will go directly towards providing education for girls in underdeveloped nations.Support girl’s education & buy a copy!


Below is a sneak peek of one of my pages, I have 2 in the magazine.

You can buy a copy of the magazine at the link below:

It would be fabulous if you shared this with your friends as well! Anyone who you think would appreciate a bit more art in their life, or want to support girls education.

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