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Letter Sticker Ombre Notebook DIY

This is a fun restyle. It uses up that giant stash of letter stickers and it has a fun ombre design that pops through the black paint! I went with a pink ombre and black, but you could do blue ombre with white on top. I think that would look awesome too. 😉

Supplies: Notebook, Paint, Letter Stickers, Spray Paint

1. Paint the front of your notebook. Start at the top with the lighter shade, use a darker shade in the middle and then the darker color on the bottom. Let it dry.

2. Once your paint is fully dry, go crazy with the letter stickers. Place them all over the front of your notebook.

3. Paint over your letter stickers. You can brush over them, but spray paint is definitely easier!

4. Once your top coat is dry, peel off your letter stickers. I had a couple of tiny spots (on the big e) where the pink paint came off stuck to my letter sticker, so I just went back over it with a pink marker. No problemo.

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