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  • Katie Smith

I’m Published in Brush Magazine!

I have some exciting news to share with y’all today! First- that there is a brand new art journaling magazine out there on the market: Brush Magazine! Brush Mag is created by my friend Tanyalee in collaboration with Get Messy Art Journal.

Second- I’m published in the first issue, and have my art on the cover (That was a fun surprise!) !

Issue One aligns with the last season of Get Messy Art Journal which was the Season of Fairy Tales.

I actually have 2 different projects in this issue of Brush Mag, one being a downloadable art piece. I designed a colorable version of this elf girl, which you’ll be able to find in the magazine.

The second project I have in this issue is the Storybook collaboration I did with my friend Riet! Tanyalee interviewed us about the project, so we give a little bit of a backstory, share photos of our storybooks and share tips on working on collaborative journals.

You can learn more about Brush Magazine on their website here. Issue one is now available to purchase via Blurb!

#artjournal #getmessy

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