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How to use Busy Background Papers in your Scrapbooks

Hi Everyone! I’m Saskia and usually you can find me in my little corner of the web at greenchicken31 scrapbooking away.

I’m really excited to share my tips for working with busy scrapbook paper. If you’re like me, I always go to the store and find some really cool and super bright and busy paper. I just have to buy it. Then I come home and wonder what I was thinking.

Busy papers can be full of color or they could be black and white and just have a lot of detail that makes them busy. I just know that with these kinds of papers I’ll come home totally overwhelmed and the papers will just sit and sit. I want these papers to be more than just mats behind photos, but they can be intimidating. Well, lets not let those papers sit any longer!

Tip 1: Use a simple photo or photos

You want to make sure your eye has a spot to rest on your page with the crazy background paper, so you need to have a simple photo. Now, photos can be in color or in black and white. They can be of people or they can be close up of objects. You can use one, two, three, four, even five as long as the photos are simple. If you’re really hesitant about the busy papers then I suggest picking black and white photos at first. Then you don’t have to worry as much about your crazy paper clashing. Black and white is very forgiving.

2. Break up the paper

You want to break up the paper, because busy papers can be overwhelming all on their own. This will also add some nice dimension to a layout. There are actually several ways to break up the paper. In these two examples, I basically cut up a big basic shape and covered up another part of my busy paper. You could also cut out of the background paper or just put a simple strip of paper across. If you use multiple photos and lined them up, then that could also act as a break.

3. Go easy on the embellishments.

It is so easy to want to add lots of embellishments onto your layout. If you have busy paper then you really don’t need more onto your page. The embellishments will not only distract you from the paper but even more so can distract from the photo. Remember, you want your paper to shine with the story that is being told.

4. It’s ok for a busy paper to go with another busy paper

Sometimes a busy paper and another busy paper can cancel each other out a bit. Here my rainbow paper was overwhelming by its self and the black and white script paper had a lot going on as well, but the two together are a compliment. If two busy papers seem like a bit much, then try a simple patterned paper like small monotone polk-a-dots (or small stars and asterisks that will read like dots ) or a simple grid.

5. Don’t be afraid

Remember to have fun and don’t be afraid to try new things. The pages that I love the most were the pages that I thought were going to be an utter disaster in the beginning. Maybe you will just need to switch out to another photo or match up some other pattern papers. Of course, sometimes no matter how much we love a paper, it doesn’t work out. As long as we tried and learned something from it then it’s not a failure.

Thanks to Saskia for guest posting! These tips are so helpful! I always have a hard time with busy papers. Do you like to use bright, busy papers in your projects? –Katie

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