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How to Thrift for Antique Holiday Decor

Christmas decorating and shopping is my favorite part of the holiday season, but it gets kind of repetitive going to the same big box stores year after year to look for decorations. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about grabbing a latte at Starbucks and hitting up Target on Black Friday. That’s my jam. But this year, I decided to thrift all of my Christmas decorations: buy nothing new. I wanted a different look for my holiday decor, since I was going into these big stores and seeing that all the ornaments and wreaths all looked the same (read: boring).

So here’s a few tips and tricks I picked up along the way.

I look for ornaments, vintage wrapping paper, old signs, vintage sheet music and old magazine ads and newspapers from the holidays, and Christmas stockings. The only thing I bought new was Christmas lights…I felt that it would be hard to find vintage lights that all worked, and I wouldn’t know how to repair them if they didn’t. I scored some really amazing Shiny Brite ornaments this year which was really exciting. I also decided not to buy anything that was broken (no extra “fix it” projects during the holidays, there are already so many projects to do!).

My ultimate find was this set of letters to Santa from the 1950s! They were only $3.00 at my favorite antique store. They stuffed in a shelf sitting on the floor in one of my favorite booths, which is probably why no one had found them before I did.

Want to go hunt down some antique treasures of your own?

My top 4 places to look are:

  1. Goodwill

  2. Antique stores

  3. Yard sales

  4. Thrift stores (look for a local humane society store, they always have amazing stuff!).

I’ll definitely be keeping my ornament boxes and packing them away year after year since they’ve lasted about 60 years already.



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