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How to Plan Crafts in your Planner

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Hello everyone, Today I wanted to show y’all how I use my Happy Planner as a craft planner to organize and plan different crafts  projects!

If you want to make along with me today, grab your favorite planner, and some Tombow TwinTones and let’s get started:

How to use a Planner for your Crafts! by @studio.katie

My first tip is to use the planner how it works for you, not necessarily how it’s set up. Rather than using the days of the week to plan my daily schedule, I write in notes and lists regarding my current projects using the TwinTone markers. I love the extra fine tip (0.3 mm!!) for writing small supply lists!

The TwinTone markers come in 2 different sets with a total of 24 colors, which is super handy for color coding your projects!

Organize your craft projects in your planner with @studio.katie

My next tip: include sketches! I have added a bunch of graph paper into my planner that I can use to make larger notes and sketches on using the TwinTone markers. The Happy Planner sells graph paper that easily fits into the planners, so that made it easy for me, but you could also add graph paper into ring bound binders without too much trouble.

The TwinTone markers have a water-based ink that doesn’t bleed through the paper, meaning that I can use both sides of the graph paper!

Organize your craft projects in your planner with @studio.katie
Organize your craft projects in your planner with @studio.katie

When you’re planning out a project, remember to include what supplies you’ll need, whether you’ll need to print out photos or patterns, and reminders to take photos of the finished project!

So, That’s it from me! How do you organize your projects? What planner do you use?

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