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Get to know me- Crafty Style

One of my blogger friends, Katie (love her name, haha!), did a post like this on her blog and I love the idea so much, I’m doing my own version inspired by hers.

I’m always gaining new readers here (welcome!!) so here’s a little Q&A so you can get to know me a little better. Instead of using boring questions though, let’s get to know me- crafty style!

Favorite craft genre (like jewelry, knitting, etc): Scrapbooking will also be my first craft love, but I also love general DIYing.

Favorite craft book: Star Trek Crafts

Must have craft supplies: Well, I always need scissors! I also love my crop-a-dile, stickers, washi tape and of course, markers!

Where do you get your craft supplies? My go to craft store is hobby lobby. I love hitting their clearance aisle. When I’m feeling lazy though, I just order from Amazon. I also get a lot of supplies form being on design teams.

Do you snack while you craft? Sometimes, usually chips or something salty. I ALWAYS have a cup of tea in hand though.

Favorite DIY you found on Pinterest: These Soap Stones by Fall for DIY.

Crafting Pet Peeve: Waiting on things to dry.

Favorite craft magazine(s): Sadly my favorite scrapbooking magazines stopped publishing, but I love Mollie Makes and Do It Yourself.

Do you listen to music while you craft? My music tastes are a bit all over the place. My *favorite* music to listen to while I create would have to be film scores, like the sound tracks for epic movies like Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, etc. However I also love 60’s, 80’s, Classical, Techno, Owl City, Christian Pop, etc. Like I said, I like a bit of everything, except maybe country. I can’t stand country”

Favorite DIY you’ve made on your blog: Restyled Folding Chairs

Craft genre you would like to try: String Art (will actually have a post about trying this for the first time soon!)

There you have it- A few crafty things about myself. Anything else you’d like to know?


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