• Katie Smith

Get Messy Thursday- Music!

It is the first week in the Season of Music in the Get Messy community, and I am using an altered atlas as my art journal.

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You can read more about why I love the Get Messy community here.

It’s a new season in the Get Messy Community- The season of music!

I love music, but I have weird tastes. This morning I went from listening to the Disney station on my Pandora, to Film Scores, to Owl City. I also love Classical and some 80’s songs.

I’m still working in my altered atlas journal from last season, I’m only about halfway through it so there are still plenty of pages for music themed journal pages.

I made 2 pages this week, first up is this one, dedicating the following pages to music.

The background is just lots of layers of paint brushstrokes, and the girl is a copy of a drawing I did last year. A lot of art from my sketchbooks also end up in my art journals.

Page 2 I really love. I’ve been obsessed with painting rainbows this week and well, you already knew I was obsessed with Galaxies and Tombow markers.

I cut the lovely space photo out of a national geographic magazine. I recently acquired 3 boxes of NatGeo mags and I went through ALL of them, ripping out pretty pictures!

What type of music is your favorite genre? I would classical/film scores is mine.

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