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  • Katie Smith

Get Messy Thursday- Books and Words

Hey guys, Happy Thursday! This week in my art journal I played with metallic paints, stamping, and of course, doodling.

This is the Season of Words in the Get Messy Art Journal community, so I am art journaling in a copy of Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.

The background on this first page was a fun one. I started by giving the book pages a light coat of gesso, then I added a few Hazel and Ruby stencil masks in the shapes of leaves and sprayed over top of them with my eBrush.

If you don’t know, eBrush is basically an airbrush system that uses markers as its ink. My sharpie collection comes in real handy!

I stamped on the word “wanderlust” using the basic alphabet stamps by rukristin. I’m trying to make a habit of doing more stamping in my art journal.

One of the prompts in the Get Messy community was about your favorite book as a kid.

My favorite book when I was about 12 or so was Maximum Ride. It’s a book about a genetically engineered girl with wings. It’s the first scifi book I’d really read and it got me hooked. and since then I’ve always wanted wings.

The photo was one I took in Colorado using the Levitating Photography trick. I added on doodled wings and it was perfect for my maximum ride page!

The last page uses a paper splicing tutorial that was on the Get Messy blog. I tore out a couple of pages from some traveling magazines/pamphlets we had picked up on our trip.

Also, I read a lot. I’m at 78 books so far for this year. This page is also for the “Awesome Ladies” entertainment challenge. I wrote a list of some of my most recently read books.

There you have it! This weeks peek into my messy and creative art journal. I may end up doing another page about The Hunger Games, as it is currently one of my favorite books.

What is one of your favorite books?

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