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  • Katie Smith

Get Messy Throwback Thursday

It’s Thursday again! Time for a peek into my arty journal.

Technically, the Get Messy community is on break, in between seasons. We wrapped up the Season of Words last week, although I’m still journaling in my altered book.

Some of us in the Get Messy gang are doing “Throwback Thursday” posts today!

What’s that mean? It means that you get to see a picture of 6 yr old me holding a fish I caught. Just kidding. I’m actually sharing some older art journal pages I made.

However there are plenty of photos of me holding fish in existence.

These are from Fall 2013- Summer 2014, which was when I really started getting into art journaling. It’s fun looking back through my journals.

What do you think? Has my style changed much in the past 2 years?

Want more journal pages? Check out the ones I made last week.

#artjournal #getmessy

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