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  • Katie Smith

Get Messy – Experimenting with Gel Transfers

This past week Get Messy launched a new online course – *Transference

The course was created by Tiffany Julia, who is basically the queen of image transfers, and her class teaches you all about them.

As a part of the Get Messy Creative Team, I got early access to this class, so I’ve been experimenting a bit. I have tried a few gel medium image transfers in the past, but I never really got the hang of them. So, I’m hoping that after watching all of Tiffany’s lessons that I will get better at the technique!

So far I’ve completed lesson 1, and created the page below.

The butterflies are laser printed images on printer paper, and the photo strips are cut from a NatGeo magazine. I think the butterflies made for a better transfer, maybe because they were a really simple image?

I decided the page on the left still needed some layers to it, so I collaged on a few papers from my stash to complete the page.

Following Tiffany’s video in lesson 1, I did another transfer in my fairytale journal, a starfish I cut out of another NatGeo magazine (my go to for images).

I still have a lot to learn, but Tiffany is such a great teacher that I know I’ll get it.

You can learn more + sign up here. *I am an affiliate for Get Messy Art Journal. This post might include some affiliate links. If you purchase using them, I might get a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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