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Garden Planner DIY

If you live somewhere cold, you’re probably thinking that I’m kind of early for Spring crafting, but it’s been about 75 degrees all week so I just can’t help myself. Besides, tomorrow is Groundhog day so spring isn’t too far away! (hopefully!)

For today’s project I made a fun garden planner mini, that has pockets to tuck seed packets into, or other notes about how you want to plan out your garden!

I was going for a “whimsical spring” look with my doodles, and I think I got it. 😉

Supplies: Paper, Sewing Machine, Pen/Marker, Watercolor Pencils or Paint, Embellishments

1. Cut your paper into 8″x7″ pieces. I used 8 papers, but glued back to back, so 4 pages.

You also need to cut 4-8 pieces of paper that are 5″x8″, these are the pockets.

2. Design your pockets, with garden planning ideas, lists of veggies, etc. I used a black marker and water color pencils to doodle on mine.

3. Cut 2″ half circles from the top of each of your pockets.

4. Place one of your pockets on top of one of your pages and sew down the sides and bottom.

I used a straight stitch on the sides and a zigzag stitch along the bottom, just for different textures.

Repeat with the rest of your pages and pockets.

5. Punch a hole in the top left corner of each page.

6. Bind them together by stringing a piece of yarn through the holes and knotting it. I also added a little chipboard flower.

Here are my pages, I love the pretty spring colors and the pockets are great for storing seeds and notes!

Do you garden? I grew up out in the country on 4 acres, so we had 2 big garden plots and I loved getting in the dirt and just going out to the garden and eating veggies right from the plant. 😉

I no longer live way out in the middle of nowhere, but we still have a garden. (My Dad and I are going to be building our Spring garden this week!) I’ll be planting the seed tape I made back at Christmas (for gifts!), If you want to learn how to make your own seed tape check out my DIY.

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