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  • Katie Smith

Garden of the Gods Photography

I stayed with my Aunt and Uncle in Colorado earlier this month and I already shared a few photos from our trip to Sugarite Canyon State Park and today I wanted to share my photos from Garden of the Gods.

I flew home from Denver, so on my last day in Colorado we left early headed towards Denver but stopped in Colorado Springs along the way because there are so many neat things there we couldn’t just drive through.

We went to Garden of the Gods and the Manitou Springs Cliff Dwellings (I’ll share pictures of that soon!). Both were really neat but I was amazed by the Garden of the Gods! We had a lot of fun hiking around, taking photos.

We didn’t have the time to actually go to Pikes Peak, but we spotted it from Garden of the Gods! Well, you could see it from pretty much everywhere since it’s 14,00′ high, haha. We got some neat shots of it though.

Have you been to the Garden of the Gods? If you haven’t, put it on your list! It’s amazing!


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