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Faux Leather Paper Bag Journal DIY

Would you have guessed this was a paper bag? When you’re through distressing this paper bag, it looks like a fancy leather journal. Cool, huh? Here’s how I made it:

Supplies: Paper, Thin cardboard, Paper Bag, Mod Podge, Paint Brush, Embroidery Thread, Needle, Awl, Watercolor Paint, Sewing Machine (optional)

1. Decide what size you’re making your journal and cut a piece of thin cardboard to that size. Mine is 5″x9″ and than folded in half, of course.

You also need to cut out paper for the journal pages. Cut them slightly less than the size of your cover and fold them in half. Separate the paper into about 3 different groups, these are called “signatures” in book binding terms.

2. Cut open your paper bag so that it will lay flat and crumple it up, giving it lots of wrinkles.

3. Apply a good coating of mod podge onto the outside of your cardboard journal cover and place the wrinkled paper bag on top.

4. Go over top of the paper bag with more mod podge, gluing the wrinkles in place. Let it dry.

5. This step is optional, but I recommend it to guarantee your bag wont come off. Sew around the edges of your journal cover with your sewing machine.

6. Apply dark brown watercolor paint over your paper bag, let that dry.

7. Place one of your paper signatures on the inside of your cover, lining up the fold and use the awl to poke 2 holes through all of the layers. You can use a thick needle if you don’t have a binding awl.

8. Using a needle and embroidery thread, start on the inside of the journal and go out through the top hole and back in through the bottom hole, Tie a knot.

9. Repeat with your other paper signatures, sewing them in on opposite sides of the first one.

Now you can leave your journal as is, or continue to embellish! I liked the simple look of the faux leather.

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