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Fairy Garden Flower Pot DIY

My Mom sent me a link to some fairy flower pots and asked me if I could make one, so of course I gave it a go! I think my fairy garden turned out so cute and magical this is a great garden decoration and would also be a good craft to do with kids. (as long as you supervise the pot smashing!) 🙂

Supplies: Clay Pot, Potting Soil, Flower/Succulent Plant, Dollhouse Miniatures, Super Glue or other Strong Adhesive

1. Smash your clay pot!! Not too much, just one side. What’s the best way to do this? I smashed my pot against a cement step a couple of times, but you could also try a hammer and see what works best for you.

2. Fill up a few inches with potting soil, add in broken pieces of pot. You can arrange them different ways, I took a tiny clay pot that I smashed and arranged them in the dirt to look like stairs.

3. Add your succulent or flower plant into one side of the pot and continue filling up with soil.

4. Decorate with dollhouse miniatures. I purchased some miniature gardening tools, a broom and little deer from Hobby Lobby. I also added things like fabric flowers, a wooden birdhouse and small glass Christmas ornaments. Just be creative. 🙂

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