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Embroidery Hoop Tool Cozy DIY

While I was at the thrift store a few days ago looking for fun things to upcycle/restyle I found an embroidery hoop. I decided to use it for something other than embroidery. 🙂

Supplies: 8″ Embroidery Hoop, 2 different fabric prints (Fat Quarters will do!), Ribbon, Needle and Thread, Sewing Machine, Tag + Embellishments

1. Cut your fabric into 2 10″ squares.

2. Fold one piece in half and place on top of your other piece.

3. Pin them together and using a ruler, lightly draw lines along your folded piece where you want pockets.

4. With your sewing machine and a straight stitch, sew along your pencil lines.

5. Place your fabric over your inner embroidery hoop, and place the outside hoop on top so that the pocket opening are facing up. Tighten it.

6. Flip your hoop over and trim around the edges leaving about 1″ of fabric.

7. Using a needle and strong thread, sew a gathering/running stitch around the edges of your fabric and knot off once you get all the way around so that the back is gathered.

8. To embellish your tool cozy, Embellish a shipping tag with flowers, washi tape, and letter stickers.

9. Cut 2 10″ pieces of ribbon, and thread through the top of your embroidery hoop.

10. Thread on your tag and tie the ends closed. Use the ribbon to hang up your hoop where your tools will be handy and you know right where to find them!

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