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  • Katie Smith

Easy Art Journal Background

You guys, it’s almost May! Can you believe it? Today I wanted to show you guys a page I recently made in my art journal and am sharing on the Hazel and Ruby blog!

This was inspired by a technique Tina (a super talented designer also on the HR team!) did for coloring in the Color Me Floral DIY Decor Tape. This is one of my favorite DIY Decor Tapes!

I thought Tina’s art journal was fantastic. I used the Color ME Floral tape as a background on this page and colored it in with Shimmerz Inklingz.

I cut a piece of the DIY Decor Tape down to the right size for my art journal and just stuck it directly to the page like you would any washi tape.

The DIY Decor Tape is slick, so the Inklingz (or watercolors) won’t stick to it without a little altering. Tina had used clear gesso in her technique. I didn’t have any so I just lightly sanded the tape and the Shimmerz stuck just fine.

The colors of the inklingz are so so pretty and dreamy!

I added a few drops of Shimmerz Coloringz as well as some of Hazel and Ruby’s Green with Envy sequins. The colors matched my page perfectly!

I accidentally got a drop of blue mist on my bottom lip- OOPS! But I figure it’s just in my art journal where I’m messy all the time anyhow. 🙂

What are you working on today? Hop over to the Hazel and Ruby blog here.

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