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Duffel Bag DIY

I like making totes and other bags and this is my latest. A duffel bag!

Supplies: 2 yds of fabric, (different patterns if you like. I used 3 different fabrics.) 22″ Zipper, Sewing Machine

1. First we’re going to make the handles. You need to cut a 4.5″x85″ strip of fabric. I had to sew 2 strips together to get this length. Iron it in half.

2. Unfold it, and fold the sides into the middle, ironing it flat.

3. Fold it in half again, iron.

4. Sew down the side.

5. Sew the 2 ends together so that it makes a loop.

Now for the rest of the bag:

These are the measurement for your fabric pieces:

You need TWO 30″x22″ pieces- one for the outside and one for the lining.

You also need FOUR 9″ circles- two for the lining, two for the outside. These are the ends of your duffel.

1.Lay you main fabric right side up, and place your strap in the center as pictured below. Pin it down.

2. Starting 1″ down from the edge of the fabric, sew the strap to the bag.

3. Fold one of the handles down, and place your zipper face down onto your fabric lining it up along the edge.

4. Place your lining right side down on top, lining it up along the zipper and the edge of the main fabric. Sew along the edge, sewing through the lining, zipper and main fabric.

5. Fold the lining over around to the back.

6. With the main fabric right side up, fold the bottom edge up to meet the top and line it up with the zipper.

Flip it over and repeat with the lining. Pin it. Sew along the edge, going through the lining, zipper and main fabric.

7. Taking one of your main fabric circles and one of your lining circles, place them wrong sides together.

8. With your bag inside out, Pin your circles onto the end of your bag with the main fabric circle facing in.

9. Sew around the edges, sewing the circle to the bag.

10. Unzip the zipper halfway and repeat with the opposite end of the bag, sewing on the other circles.

11. Flip right side out!

I made one for myself out of camping themed fabric. This is now my travel duffel that I can take on camping trips! I love it, it’s the perfect size for me. I made a second one for Taylor with the bright pink and owl fabrics.

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