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Drawstring Backpack DIY

My Mom and I took a trip to the fabric store and found these awesome fabric prints on sale so we grabbed a yard of each of them. I knew that Taylor would love them, so here’s what I made her.

Supplies: 1 yd Fabric (I used 2 different fabric prints but you can just use one if you like), 4 yds of cording.

1. Cut your fabric into 2 12″x32″ pieces.

2. Place your 2 pieces right sides together and sew together the 2 12″ sides giving it a 1/4″ seam. This should make your 2 fabric pieces a loop.

3. Flip it right side out, and iron flat with the seams on the sides.

4. Now you need to create a “tube” on each end. Do this by stitching a line about 1″ from each 12″ side.

5. Cut your cording into 2 2yd pieces.

6. Fold your bag in half with the 2 tubes on top.

7. Taking 1 end of 1 of your cording pieces, pin a safety pin onto the end (to help thread it through) and starting on the left, thread it through the back tube and then back through the front loop so that both ends of the cording are on the left side.

8. Repeat with your other piece of cording, but start from the right this time. Go through the back tube, then go through the front tube so that both ends of this piece of cording end up on the right.

9. Now to sew up the sides, you want your bag right sides together (inside out.). You want to have your straps on the inside of your bag, with just the 2 ends of the cording sticking out of the bottom corners of the bag. Pin them down.

10. Sew the sides, starting about 1″ down from the top.

11. Flip right side out.

There’s only one flaw in this tutorial, and that is that on the ends of the tubes, there is an unfinished edge. To fix this you will need to hem the sides before you do anything else.

I was sick with a cold when I created this bag so obviously my mind wasn’t quite working right for me to plan far enough ahead to prevent the unfinished edges. Apparently I shouldn’t sew when I’m sick, haha.

But even with just a couple of unfinished edges, I think this bag was a success! I made it for Taylor, so hope she likes it!

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