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DIY Wicker Basket Snowman Hat Decor

Today I have a fun Christmas project that involves one of my favorite things- thrifting! Yep! Go to your local thrift store and pick out a couple of wicker baskets! We’re going to make snowman top hats out of them!

They make fabulous table decor, or porch decor! I think we’re going to put them on the table, put a little bit of tissue paper inside and fill them with treats for the holidays!

This isn’t my original idea, My Mom and I were walking through a store one day and saw something a lot like this and I just knew I could make my own version!


  1. Round Wicker Basket

  2. Cardboard

  3. Black Spray Paint

  4. Ribbon, Jute, Felt or Other embellishment of choice.

  5. Hot Glue

  6. Scissors

  7. Marker

1. Draw a circle onto a piece of cardboard and cut it out. I don’t know anyone who can draw a perfect freehand circle, so I recommend tracing around something, like a paper plate.

You want your circle to be about 2″ larger than the bottom of your basket.

2. Paint your circle black. Let dry.

3. Paint your basket black. I made 2 basket hats, one of them I just painted the outside and the other I painted both the outside and the inside. It just depends on what you want to do/which look you like better.

4. Use hot glue to adhere the basket to the cardboard circle. Try to get it as close to centered as possible. Don’t worry if your hot glue shows, you can cover it up with ribbon.

5. Now pick out whatever ribbons you want to use to embellish your hat! I wrapped a few rows of jute rope around the bottom of the hat (using hot glue to secure it) and then a strip of red ribbon.

I also cut out a few felt holly leaves and made a couple of large-ish felt bows to adhere to the fronts of my hats. Brit.co has a fabulous tutorial on how to make your own felt bows, if you’re curious.

It’s as easy as that! I’d love to see pictures if you make your own!

What would you fill these hats with? I’m thinking 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies (my fave) !!

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