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  • Katie Smith

DIY Watercolored Tea Themed Cards + Art of Tea review

Hey everyone, I’m excited for today’s post. You know I am a tea drinker- it says it right over there in my bio. —>

I LOVE tea and drink it all day. If I had to choose between tea & crafts, well, it’s hard to say which one would win. Which is why when the Art of Tea approached me about reviewing some product, I said yes!

I wanted to combine this review with a craft project, so I’m showing your my process for watercoloring these tea themed cards- perfect to send to any fellow tea lovers!

I started by lightly sketching out a teapot and teacup onto mixed media paper.

I erased most of my sketch so that it was just barely visible- it’s just a guideline. Next I gabbed my paint palette and a wet brush and started coloring the design in!

I like to sprinkle on a tiny bit of salt while the paint is still wet, it gives it a neat effect as it dries.

After I colored in the designs, I actually decided to go back and outline them in black marker and then I matted the mixed media paper with black cardstock and adhered them to a pink card base for a quick and easy card!

Now on to the tea review! The Art of Tea sent me these teas: Bright Eyed, White Coconut Creme and Classic Black.

I’ve tried both Bright Eyed and Classic Black and YUM. Black tea has always been my personal favorite, so I loved the classic black- It smelled so good when I opened it up (yes I smell the teas!).

I’ve honestly never been a fan of coconut, so I gave the White Coconut Creme tea to my father, who loves all things coconut, and he gave it two thumbs up!

If you take a visit to the Art of Tea’s website, you’ll not only find a large selection of teas, but they also have what they call the “tea wizard“in which you take a quick Tea Discovery Quiz to get recommendations.

Overall, if you like tea as much as me (or even just a cup here or there), then definitely try out some of these by Art of Tea. I think I want to try out the Pacific Coast Mint because I love mint.

*This is a sponsored post by Art of Tea. I received compensation in the form of free product, but all opinions are my own.

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