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DIY Tomato Cage Tinsel Christmas Tree

Last year we didn’t want to deal with the work of putting up a real Christmas tree so we flipped a tomato cage upside down, wrapped it in green garland and decorated it!

This year we decided to use the tomato cage again, but change it up a little bit by using gold tinsel instead of the garland! Here’s how:

Note- We used about 10 packs of tinsel that we got from the Dollar Tree.

Supplies: Tomato Cage, Gold Tinsel, Twine or Yarn, Hot Glue, Decorations

1. Turn your tomato cage upside down, bend the 3 stakes in towards the middle and tie them together with twine.

2. Tie or glue the end of your tinsel to the top of your tomato cage.

3. Wrap your tinsel around and around your tree. When you get to the areas of the cage that have the circular bars on them, glue your tinsel to it to help secure it and to keep the wire from showing.

When you finish one piece of tinsel, secure the end and add on another piece with a little bit of glue.

Once you get your cage completely covered in tinsel, decorate it! We used decomesh, beads a few small gold ornaments and a big red bow on top.

We’ve also got our Ombre Spray Painted Tree set up on our porch.

What does your tree look like this year?

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