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DIY Stenciled Clay Herb Pots

Here at Punk Projects, We love restyling clay pots and planters. We used Hazel and Ruby Stencil/Masks to give these pots a fun look.

While there are already a ton of restyled planter tutorials out there, since we used a fun technique we wanted to share the tutorial with you guys!


6-inch clay flower pots

Hazel and Ruby stencils

Black and white acrylic paint

Gold paint pen

Apply Hazel & Ruby stencils to clay pots. It’s a good idea to play around with the stencils to find a design you like. Also, in order to get the stencils evenly spaced around the pot, you may have to move them around and adjust them even after they are all stuck on. With the triangle/banner shapes, we moved the stencils multiple times just to get them even!

Outlining a stencil is a fun technique because you can get very precise shapes. It’s hard for me to freehand a design evenly, so by outlining the stencil (in my favorite color which is, of course, gold) I can have nice, evenly spaced triangles or other shapes that are exactly the same size.

Next, we filled in the stencil shapes with acrylic paint, going over the gold outlining again one more time once the paint was dry. I love the modern look that black, white, and gold gives on the clay pots.

The possibilities for designs are pretty much endless…using stencils for masking, lettering, or outlining as we did here is super easy, and this project doesn’t take much time at all.

One note about acrylic paint…it’s not water resistant, so I’ll have to be careful when watering my plants to keep the acrylic dry so that it doesn’t chip off. This could be prevented by sealing the pots with an acrylic sealer if you wanted a glazed look on your pots.

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