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DIY Ringbearer Pillows 3 ways!

This post is part of our wedding diy series She Said Yes! Here are different ways to whip up a ringbearer’s pillow in 20 minutes or less. If you know how to sew and stuff a pillow, these will be a piece of (wedding) cake!

Any of the designs can be made following the steps I used.

Cut 2 11″ squares (or any size you want for that matter). I used seed pearls for two of the designs, and an antique doily for the other. All of these were stitched on by hand with regular thread.

For the seed pearls, I just marked out a grid pattern and then stitched on each pearl on one of the squares. Then, I took a 24″ ribbon and stitched the halfway point in the center of the pillow.

I was surprised by how quickly these worked up. I actually dread seed beads or pearls…like please give me any other kind of craft (or even tell me to wash the dishes) before I have to work with tiny beads. Maybe it’s the fact that these are tiny, cute little wedding sparkles that made them easier to work with.

Anyway, here are my three designs:

  1. a pearl dot pattern

  2. a pearl “bouquet” pattern made from one large pearl and several small pearls

  3. a vintage doily that I appliqued on.

I really love how each of these could be designed to coordinate with the wedding dress or flower girl dress. One of our future projects is a DIY flower girl dress to coordinate with my wedding dress.

This year, Punk Projects will be venturing into the glitzy and flower-filled world of wedding diys and tutorials. Taylor, Katie’s sister, and occasional contributor to the blog is getting married this year, so we are teaming up to DIY her wedding and bring you amazing tutorials along the way!

Did you DIY your wedding?

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