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DIY Painted Pegboard

Here’s the story behind this project- A couple of months ago we were driving down the road and saw a that someone had moved out of their home and left a lot of stuff on the curb to be picked up by the trash. I don’t know how it is where you live, but here if it’s on the curb, it’s fair game. We found this huge pegboard that was in pretty good shape, so I knew I could use it for something!

Not long after that, my Mom saw a painted pegboard in a magazine. I loved it, so I decided I had to do that to my pegboard.

We waited until it was a warm weekend (75 degrees last weekend! Felt like spring.) so that we could paint it outside. Here’s a quick tutorial if you happen to have a pegboard that needs a restyle:

Supplies: Pegboard, Masking Tape, Paint Brushes, and a lot of different colors of paint.

1. We started off by sectioning off the pegboard into 4 sections. Than taped off on ray for a sunburst.

2. Move the tape over after every color, making some of the sunrays big and some small. Here’s my pegbaord about halfway finished:

3. Just keep painting, switching up colors until you’ve covered up the pegboard and have one giant sunburst. My points weren’t very straight at the center so I used a small circle stencil and white spray paint to paint the circle in the middle of the board where all of the points come together.

I love restyling things and I love how this project turned out, I think I’m going to end up hanging this in my room. There’s really no space in my craft studio.

Have you ever restyled a pegboard? What’s your favorite restyling project that you’ve done?

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