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DIY Ombre Christmas Tree

Taylor and I picked up this white Christmas tree for only $2 at a garage sale back in the Summer and we’ve been saving it for a good DIY project like this! Taylor had the idea to spray paint it, which I thought was a fantastic idea.

Now, while I’m always voting for pink anything (one day I will have a pink tree), we decided to paint it in shades of aqua blue, so it’s an ombre tree!

Here’s how we made it:

Supplies: White Christmas tree, 3 colors of spray paint (1 can each for a 6′ tree).

1. Set your tree up outside (or some place you can spray paint). Ours was the kind with all of the separate branches that you have to snap in, so it took a little while!

2. Take your lightest color of spray paint and starting about 2′ from the top of the tree, spray around the tree, covering the branches. Do this color for about a 1.5′ section of the tree.

3. Repeat step 2 with your middle color, starting where you left off and coloring the lower middle section of the tree.

4. Now it’s time for your darkest shade. We decided to only do the bottom row of branches with the darker color. Just repeat the same steps to spray paint the tree.

Once your tree is completely dry (we painted it in the evening, so we just left it outside overnight), bring it inside, or set it up where you want it and then get to decorating it!

Ours is set up on our front porch, so we of course didn’t want to decorate it with anything breakable. Instead we used lights, tinsel and handmade fabric ornaments!

Also, wouldn’t this make a perfect Frozen inspired tree? I’m thinking lots of snowflakes with pink and blue ornaments, lights, glitter and snowmen!

It actually snowed a couple of days after we set up our tree! Just a light dusting, but it was still pretty!

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