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DIY Lisa Frank Supply Tins

This is a project in my Back-to-School Lisa Frank series!

This craft includes 3 of my favorite things- Lisa Frank, School Supplies, and Recycled Pirouline Tins! I’ve got these sitting in the top shelf of my IKEA Raskog cart holding paint brushes and pencils.

I did a few different tins. One of them I made the classic “Lisa Frank Cheetah Print”, just by using a bit of acrylic paint. For the other 2 tins I printed out some graphics of my favorite LF characters- Spotty & Dotty the dogs and the Aliens. I love those guys.


  1. Empty Tins

  2. Acrylic Paints

  3. Paint Brushes

  4. Decoupage Medium

  5. Printed Designs

For the rainbow cheetah print tin, paint rainbow acrylic stripes around the tin. You’ll need a couple of coats to completely covered the printed tin.

Once the rainbow tin is dry, take either a bit of white paint or black paint and paint on a cheetah print pattern- squiggly circles!

To make the character tins, paint the tins a solid color. Print out the characters you want and decoupage them onto the fronts of the tins.

Other LF characters I think would make cute tins- The Dolphins, Space Unicorn, Painter Panda! There are just so many option!

What characters are your favorite?

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